Blocked Drains

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If you are encountering blocked drains in any of the cities above then Jim’s Drain Cleaning are the 24 hour experts you need to call. As we know having blocked drains is an emergency, we will have one of our fully trained drain plumbers your property, often within the hour of you ringing.

It is important to call a reliable drain cleaning business that will attend on time and solve your blocked drain issues. Jims Drain Cleaning is there for you 7 days a week and utilises the latest in drain cleaning technology including drain cameras and hydro jet high pressure drain machines.

Blocked Drain Adelaide

Jims Drain Cleaning is Adelaide’s blocked drain specialists who are able to clear your blocked drains with a minimum of fuss. One of our blocked drain plumbers can attend today to promptly fix your blocked toilet or drain. Internal blockages such as a blocked sink, blocked basin or even a blocked shower can be quickly and efficiently cleared. We feel we are Adelaide’s premier drain cleaning specialists and will have your drains flowing again. With damaged drains our Adelaide team have excavators that can dig up and replace any damaged drain pipework on the same day. If you are looking for a reliable drain cleaning specialist then give Jim’s Drain Cleaning a try.

Blocked Drain Melbourne

We consider ourselves at Jims Drain Cleaning Melbourne as one of the quickest to respond to our clients’ needs when they have blocked drains. We are prompt and reliable for any drain blockage and can fix blocked toilets in Melbourne and any other drain in the house, including blocked showers and blocked sinks and basins. Due to our large number of vans we currently have in Melbourne we are able to give a prompt service and are able to clear your drains 24/7 and often can organise for one of our Melbourne drain plumbers to come to you with in the hour. What this means is from you hanging the phone up, a plumber often can be knocking at your door within 60 minutes. This is still often the case on weekends and public holidays.

Blocked Drains Perth

If you are experiencing blocked drains in Perth call Jims Drain Cleaning 24 hours, 7 days a week. Being one of Perth’s largest plumbing and drain cleaning business we are able to have a drain plumber to your doorstep normally far quicker than the smaller plumbers who may not be able to attend that day. We are known throughout Perth for our within the hour prompt service ,which often means one of our plumbers can be to you within 60 minutes of making your booking. We will deliver an efficient, courteous service that will not disappoint you. Please give us at try.

Blocked Drains Sydney

As Sydney is such a large area to cover it is important to use a local drain plumber, such as Jims Drain Cleaning. Travelling is often difficult due to the large volume of traffic, so to have a local drain cleaning plumber in Sydney is important to reduce the travel time which is sometimes costing the customer more. Your Jim’s Drain Cleaning plumber is local which means you are not paying for travel time and we will send a drain cleaning van to you often within the hour. Throughout Sydney’s suburbs we have plumbers awaiting your call to rectify your blocked toilets, blocked showers as well as blocked basins and sinks. Our 24 hour service means your clogged pipes or over flowing toilet can be fixed weekends and on public holidays. If you need a blocked drain professional in Sydney or its surrounding suburbs then make one call to Jims Drain Cleaning. We welcome our 2 new blocked drain professionals who can attend to blocked drains, the first being Zac who operates around Parramatta and adjoining suburbs. The second area is Thornleigh, where we can clear all your blocked drains by our blocked drain professional, Steve. Both plumbers are available 7 days a week, and we welcome them to our team.

Electric Drain Cleaning Machines

These highly effective machines are commonly used for clearing a toilet blockage or blocked sewer drains. The process involves a flexible steel rod with a cutter on the end run by an electric motor that cuts & removes tree roots or any other obstacle in the drain.

Contact us now and we will take your blocked drain worries away.

Hydro-Jet Drain Cleaning

Hydro-Jet drain cleaners are highly efficient and we have a variety of hydro-jet fitted vehicles, from trailer mounted units through to larger trucks equipped with hydro-jets, also commonly known as a ‘Jetter’.

Hydro-jets work by sending high pressure water through a hose inserted in the blocked drain which cuts out & removes obstacles inside the sewer drain. Depending on the blockage, the Hydro-Jet can clean drains more efficiently than the electric drain machines and is often used for more serious blockages.  

Sewer Drain Camera

In some cases, drain problems can be ongoing and require further assistance – this is where one of our drain cameras can help!

Our sewer drain cameras can pinpoint where there may be a misaligned pipe, broken pipe, root mass or other foreign obstacle in the drain, as shown in the Inspection Camera videos.

Blocked Stormwater Drains

This is a very common type of drain blockage. Stormwater drains commonly block up due to tree roots and dirt & silt lying in the pipes. Stormwater drains are the pipes that connect the pipes from the roof & the sumps in the garden, which then discharge to the water table (kerb) in the street.

It is advisable when booking a job involving stormwater that you request the hydro-jet (as described above), as a conventional electric drain machine is often unable to flush out the silt & sediment lying in stormwater pipes.

After the plumber has attempted to clear the blocked stormwater drain it is quite common that excavation & replacement of the stormwater pipe is needed as these pipes may have a thin wall that roots can easily break & access.

Our attending plumber can give you a quote to replace the damaged pipe; however it is essential that he attempts to clear it in the first instance.

Whether you have a blocked toilet, basin, shower waste or drain grate, or you have a sewer or stormwater blockage, our experienced operators can quickly unblock your drains.  

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